The Chemistry Learning Center

The Department of Chemistry at the University of Illinois

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CLC computers

Study Space

The Chemistry Learning Center provides space where students can study Chemistry in an atmosphere conducive to learning. We maintain a collection of textbooks, answer keys, laboratory manuals and molecular modeling kits for student use on-site.


The Chemistry Learning Center houses 22 computers for students to use for chemistry course work. CLC computers are equipped with MarvinSketch, Mnova and Microsoft Excel. Students may save data to a flash drive or to U of I Box.

The CLC also has two wireless access points, plus additional table space and power sources available for students with laptops or tablet devices.

Software Downloads

The Department of Chemistry has licensed ChemDoodle and ChemDoodle 3D, chemical drawing programs for use by anyone with a valid email address. Learn more and download ChemDoodle and ChemDoodle 3D.

Mnova NMR Data Analysis Software has been licensed by the School of Chemical Sciences NMR Laboratory for use on this campus. Here are instructions for acquiring and installing Mnova.

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